Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hi moms!!!!

OMG, you won't believe all of the amazing things Fortify has been up to lately. So we went to the library the other day and OF COURSE she ran right off to the adult section and read like every book that the library had.

Fortify has been able to read since she was 6 months old. Her teachers at school told me they don't even know how to challenge her because she finishes all of her assignments so fast.

Meanwhile, Casper just wandered around the play area in the library, chewing on his shirt. Sometimes I'm all "where did you come from Casper!!?!?!" Because there's like no way that he's mine. Fortify? Totally mine. She's so smart and analytical and caring and all these great things. But Casper?!?! What he has to offer is in such different areas that are so much harder for me to understand. BUT I LOVE ALL OF MY CHILDREN EXACTLY THE SAME!!! I value Fortify and her incredible musical talents and ability to charm everyone she meets and absolute perfection just as much as Casper's wild spirit and limitations. They are the same in my eyes. And that makes me a good mom.

Speaking of being a good mom, I am starting a program through the PTA right now to have all of the moms from hard-working wealthy families have one-on-one parent-training time with the moms from the poor families.

Moms, I am TOTES changing my community.

Cause I was thinking about how hard it's been to get any traction on re-drawing the boundaries to get the poor neighborhoods out of our school. June Snapple has been opposing me on every front and it's SO frustrating. Sometimes I just want to say, "Hey June, maybe if you spent this much energy on exercising, your husband would come home from fighting in that war." But you know me, I don't judge. I just help.

So I figure that the next best thing to getting the poor out of our school is to get the poor out of the poor.

I know you're probably all like, "Oh MY GOSH!!! You ARE SO Selfless and SUCH A GOOD MOM!!!" But I have to be so totes honest with you. I'm not really doing it to help them. I mean, the bad parents got themselves into this situation. So I'm just doing it because Fortify has to go to school with these kids. So if I can at least do damage control on the bad habits these kids are learning at home, it will decrease the chances of my babies getting lice and using words like "brang."

Of course both June Snapple and Grace Telly think this is a terrible idea. I'm SURE it's because they didn't think of it first.

Oh well. Everyone has to deal with a few June Snapples and Grace Tellys in life. Because people like that get all over the town, if you know what I mean.