Sunday, November 4, 2012

June's Exit (although temporary . . .)

Hey Moms!

The So Way Cute mask craft competition was a HUGE success. Everyone sent in the CUTEST masks and I was all like, "stop it! You're going to make me jealous!" Of course that would have been a joke though. I could never be jealous of another person because who else gets to be the mother of Fortify!? :--OOOPPPPDL?//

Anywaysies, HUGE congrats to our big winners of the competition Brayla and Cantor! Seriously, your guys's mask was SO way cute and I'm like totes going to make one myself as soon as I'm done teaching Aloe Greek this afternoon. I'll probably spice it up a little bit and add some lace and some other so way cute stuff. It will be better than yours, if I'm being honest, but I won't forget that you guys totally inspired it. Well, I inspired you to make it, so I guess I totally inspired myself. But you guys were part of it and I'm so happy for you.

Guys, best news of the YEAR! Are you ready for it!?? JUNE SNAPPLE IS GOING OUT OF TOWN! Apparently her kid needs some kind of special treatment in a facility a few hours away so she'll be gone for a couple of weeks. It's super annoying that she's making such a big deal out of leaving because now everybody else in the PTA is like offering to help out with her other kids and bring meals and stuff. I'm all, "yeah, I would take some of her kids into my home, if I let animals into the house!" :-P

I mean, I get it. June Snapple is having to pay for her parenting mistakes by taking her kid to a hospital. And now the other kids who have not been properly raised need somewhere to go. But what if they taught Opaque that, oh I don't know, it's ok to eat with her hands!?

Anywaysies, so at least June will be out of town so I won't have to deal with her in PTA meetings. Problem is, she appointed Grace Telly to take her place for the next few weeks. Shouldn't be a big deal though. I just need to bring a ball of yarn for her to bat and she should be distracted enough to not get in my way. That is, if she is smart enough to figure out how to get to the meetings in the first place.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

So Way Cute Masks Voting!!!

Hey Moms!!!! It's here! I give you six entries below in the latest SO WAY CUTE craft competitions! These moms really did their best, even though some of them are poor! Don't forget to vote for your favorite on the top right hand of the blog! Voting goes through Saturday!!!!

Precia & Coleslaw's Tape Masks: Your SO WAY INSPIRING blog prompted my daughters, Precia & Coleslaw to make these adorable masks (after they finished writing their operetta). They really look up to your Fortify.
Brayla and Cantor's Patchy the Pizza Pirate: This mask was created by my eldest, Liam Harding the XXI.  He constructed this glorious mask out of the pristine pizza box as chosen from Mother's Magazine (it was a delightful dinner), a sharpie (although he did stain his hands- bleach bath later!) , 2 solo cups (BPA free!), a paper towel (grown on our plantation, hand picked by our team of yetis, and hand-woven by our youngest three children-ages 5 months (Prudence) , 12 months (Fissure), and 13 months (Faux) , forks that our second eldest, Brouhaha, assembled from recycled plastic while studying abroad in Greenland, and butterfly clips from the local Office Mart where I find all of my PTA needs ;) 

We hailed the mask, Patchy the Pizza Pirate, and danced with the yetis around it for hours- as any ceremony of good fortune is practiced. Even when Prudence fell into the ceremonial flames, she kept chanting "win win win, win win win". 3rd degree burns are not the worst this family has seen and while the ceremony continued, Liam patched his baby sister up with extra butterfly clips.

The picture is of the mask, being modeled by Prudence (she will be wearing it until the scars from the flames have healed).  The picture is taken in front of Brouhaha Prudence's brother, Liam's craft from last week.  We know, we know- it could have been a better sailboat painting- he was slightly tired from the 2 marathons the weekend before, but I told him this was still no excuse.

Caressa's Office Supply Mask: Obviously the mask is a cross between a lion and a piranha. I'm still working out the details, because WHERE WOULD THIS CREATURE LIVE?, but I think I'm going to call it a liranha
Trixy's The "Watermelon You Doing?!?!?" Mask: for your inquisitive child.  Note the cutie cute cute design of the melons on top that look like a bow!!!!!!!!!!!  Now just remember that this mask doesn't have eye holes for a reason! I mean, what GOOD, Responsible mommy would let watermelon juice blind their child?  If your child isn't smart enough to walk around without "seeing" in the technical sense, I'm sure you can find a mask for stupid children at Save-on or something.  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 v
Travis Football Jones "Rock, Paper, Scissors" Mask: This mask is to help inspire the competitive nature that children need to be winners, and not crying-their-eyes-out losers.

 Shelly's Witchy Witch Mask: Since it is Halloween, we used candy for the eyes and nose, but my favorite part is the shredded fabric hair.  It adds so much character.