Sunday, November 4, 2012

June's Exit (although temporary . . .)

Hey Moms!

The So Way Cute mask craft competition was a HUGE success. Everyone sent in the CUTEST masks and I was all like, "stop it! You're going to make me jealous!" Of course that would have been a joke though. I could never be jealous of another person because who else gets to be the mother of Fortify!? :--OOOPPPPDL?//

Anywaysies, HUGE congrats to our big winners of the competition Brayla and Cantor! Seriously, your guys's mask was SO way cute and I'm like totes going to make one myself as soon as I'm done teaching Aloe Greek this afternoon. I'll probably spice it up a little bit and add some lace and some other so way cute stuff. It will be better than yours, if I'm being honest, but I won't forget that you guys totally inspired it. Well, I inspired you to make it, so I guess I totally inspired myself. But you guys were part of it and I'm so happy for you.

Guys, best news of the YEAR! Are you ready for it!?? JUNE SNAPPLE IS GOING OUT OF TOWN! Apparently her kid needs some kind of special treatment in a facility a few hours away so she'll be gone for a couple of weeks. It's super annoying that she's making such a big deal out of leaving because now everybody else in the PTA is like offering to help out with her other kids and bring meals and stuff. I'm all, "yeah, I would take some of her kids into my home, if I let animals into the house!" :-P

I mean, I get it. June Snapple is having to pay for her parenting mistakes by taking her kid to a hospital. And now the other kids who have not been properly raised need somewhere to go. But what if they taught Opaque that, oh I don't know, it's ok to eat with her hands!?

Anywaysies, so at least June will be out of town so I won't have to deal with her in PTA meetings. Problem is, she appointed Grace Telly to take her place for the next few weeks. Shouldn't be a big deal though. I just need to bring a ball of yarn for her to bat and she should be distracted enough to not get in my way. That is, if she is smart enough to figure out how to get to the meetings in the first place.



  1. Your blog: distracting me from all those other things I should be doing since 2008.

  2. Eli- I know I'm not in a position to ask this, really, since I was too lazy to get round to having a child before I turned 40 and have now shrivelled up before having the chance to give him or her a sibling, but a question keeps springing to mind reading your posts- where is/are the father/s in all this? Just because you are yourself a man doesn't mean you have the right to deny your children a father or father figure.

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