Friday, January 27, 2012


I know some moms out there have probably already beat me to it, but I am ready to get family van stick figure stickers for our car! (Cut me some slack on being behind on this! You all know what a crazy year 2011 was for my family, what with all of Fortify's achievements! We hardly had time to run ANY 5ks or write songs as a family this year!). My only problem is that I can't seem to find a site that makes a chicken stick figure and I just CAN'T IMAGINE doing this without including the Queen of Colors. So far the best site I have found is this one. CAN ANY MOMS OUT THERE HELP ME WITH THIS ONE????!?!?!!?!??!?!? WHAT SITE DID YOU USE FOR YOUR UNCOMMON PETS?!?!?!?!!!!???????!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

The reason I want to do this is so my children feel valued. I firmly believe that putting stick figures of them with their names on the back of a vehicle that can be seen by all of the strangers of the world will not only boost their exposure, but their self-esteem also. I want people we don't know to know how many kids I have and what each of their names are. I don't feel like I would be doing my duty as a mommy if I didn't make this happen. I also know that most people LOVE seeing these so I want to join the trend to help make people on the road smile and admire our family!!! I think it's good for single people and other people who can't have children to constantly be faced with the reminder that being a parent is the ONLY fulfilling way to live life! It's also good for these people on the road to know that I have children to care for and therefore my priorities are more important and my time more valuable than theirs. I continue to hope that the more we make our presence known, the more the non-parents of the world will understand the need to accommodate us at every possible opportunity, to great sacrifice to them (because WHAT do people without kids know about sacrifice!!!!!?!?!??!?!?!???!?!????!?!?!?!?).

~I Just Follow Nonsensical Trends


  1. Out here on the East Coast (salt water is so healing for children), most trendy families have their own chicken coop....we have 11 (minus the one that was eaten by a coyote yesterday right in front of me and my 2 year old...true story...but we still consider buck buck part of the family). Anyway, I already ordered my chicken stickers about a year ago. They're wicked cool

    1. Thanks for the tip!!!!!!!! The Queen of Colors is enough chicken for me !!!!! (She's incredibly talented. I taught her everything she knows).

    2. Are you actually admitting that you don't have your own Cricut?

  2. I have been having a very similar problem with finding a sticker for my pet snake! I've seen a few attempts, but nothing that looks remotely as regal as Panther (the name of my snake). If you find any good sites, let us know!

  3. I would try Etsy. Alternatively, you can follow Karen's advice of getting a Cricut. I will happily draw a stick-figure chicken for you, which you can then create via Cricut to add to your darling family on the mini van!

    Really, though, it's quite distasteful and discriminatory that in this day and age you STILL cannot find proper vehicle decals to represent the entire family.

  4. i followed your link to the stick figures and something i saw there concerned me. They have it plainly stated in very big letters, that the family is WHITE only. seems kinda racist. why can't they do any color really? is there only white adhesive window clings? i think not..i don't recommend going with that company