Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bottle Doll WINNER!!!!!1!!!!!!

WELP! THE MOMMIES HAVE SPOKEN!!!! And we have a winner! Congrats to my new e-bff Melissa for her submission "Beach Doll" apparently named "Trudy!!!" Welcome Trudy and Melissa to the new mommy winner CRAFTS TAB!!!! As you noticed, I didn't enter my own bottle doll into the competition. I didn't think it would be fair or fun for everyone to see my crafts consistently winning these competitions. Not every mom has the time, energy, talent, love, etc. that I have in the same way. Some moms don't care about how their homes look. Some moms let their children WATCH TELEVISION!!!! But you know me--I don't judge other mommies for letting the smut of the world raise their babies. I just help.

Well I'm off! Fortify is out selling Girl Scout cookies again, despite attempting to convince the organization that it would one day pay for all the type two diabetes it causes. Her complaints went unheard. And you all know my Fortify!!! When competition is in the air, SHE CAN'T HELP BUT STEP UP AND EXCEL!!! Someone the other day commented to me about this quality in Fortify and this person said that she could tell Fortify got that from ME! I was so embarrassed and WAS TOTALLY BLUSHING when this person said that! I was all like, "OMG! I hope nobody heard you say that!!!" Those of you who don't know me probably don't know HOW MUCH I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE COMPLIMENT ME! ESPECIALLY IN PUBLIC!!! I'm not really the braggy or the center of attention type so it's really uncomfortable for me when someone stops me and tells me how good of a mom I am, or how impressive my girls are, or how good of a singer I am, etc. (all things that I was UNFORTUNATELY  told in just the last week alone! B.L.U.S.H.I.N.G.!!!).

Ok, have a nice weekend! And stay tuned for my next craft competition!! What I have in store for next time is WAY SO CUTE!

~Please Compliment Me Frequently


  1. Wow I am so honored! I couldn't have done it without all of your ridiculous support. Trudy will have her first winner's photo session as soon as we have a beach day where the UVA/UVB factors are favorable!!!!!!!!!

    I think after a few more competitions you should take ALL of YOUR crafts and have a competition within your own creations (That's how I keep my kids motivated every week!!!!!!!!!)

  2. ELI!

    When is the next competition?! I was totally unaware of the last one but I'm SURE I could win the next one!

    By the way...FORTIFY is UH-MAZING! You are the most fabulous mommy, EVER!

    1. Stay tuned! Next craft competition is in the works!