Friday, March 23, 2012

Dream Catcher Competition!!!!

Hey mommies!!!! So many of you sent in AMAZING dream catchers this week!!! Unfortunately, I had to limit the competition a little because we had too many entries. This is getting SO competitive!!! I hope some of you are as good under pressure as MY FORTIFY!!! Anyway, I chose 7 entries this time that really spoke to me. Some of these included captions, which I included below the picture. Look at them carefully and DON'T FORGET TO VOTE ON THE TOP RIGHT OF THE BLOG!!! I'm going to leave voting open until MONDAY AT 11:59 PM!!!!!!

Sara's Domesticated Dreams: "It includes some fun beads from my daughter Roger's latest birthday party, her pageant lipstick (it's an ADORABLE shade of sparkly pink!), a can opener (even though I only serve my children FRESH fruits and vegetables, we do like to keep cans on hand for feeding the hungry in our neighborhood, because it just BREAKS MY HEART to see people who just are not as BLESSED and FORTUNATE as I AM!), and of course Roger's ABSOLUTE FAVORITE HAIR BOW. Her brother Roger was so happy to see such a wonderful representation of the fabulous women in our family. I am just so proud of my AMAZING CHILDREN. They really look up to your Fortify, after all. We ALL hope that some day they can meet such an inspirational young lady!!!"

Melissa's Banana Dreams: "This dream catcher is made of 100% recycled bananas, Christmas string, and tacks. The tacks were used to hold up my kids works of art but they got bumped."

Kodi's Phone Dreams: Came without a description, but was apparently part of a  show-down at work this week (I feel SO bad for Kodi's children that they have a mommy who cares more about her career than them!!!! But you know me, I don't judge other moms. I just help).

Shauna & Karin's Celebration of Spring: More working moms. Poor things. (I mean their kids).

Antoinette's The First Eye Dream Catcher: "Mine is two sided.  The first side is a shiny surface designed to blind "The First Eye" and the second side is designed to fool "The First Eye" into thinking the area is occupied since they are loners."

Andrea's Beauty in the Great Outdoors: This "is what you get when we Amazing Mothers Do Our Best. We know that a good mother mixes the outdoors with the indoors. I used a simple hanger to create the frame, and grocery bags, tin foil, and plastic wrap to complete the basics. I then gathered herbs from my yard. Also, no fabulistic mother-woman is complete without several hair flowers and bling jewelry to go with her fantastic hair bumpit and dream catcher."

Daniel's Online Dangers: "As mommies, we've got to be on the look out for online dangers!  That's why I designed this super cutesy computer dream catcher!!!!   This catcher is intended to protect us from the "undesirables" of life (my husband wouldn't let me use his picture!?!?!)  The cottage cheese was put in to represent not wanting cottage cheese legs, but I used cottage cheese because I'm a good mommy, and don't want any enticing images on my computer.
The kid, well, because no mommy would ever be proud of a kid with that hair color
And the chicken to serve as a warning to the Queen of Colors."


  1. 8~O! There's so much talent here, omg! These baby-bump fashonistas are SUPER FAB! You go girlzzzzzzzzz!

  2. OMH! These Moms took the artistic vision of a dream catcher and really made it their own.

    These are definitely marketable. ETSY? Booths at pblic libraries? I mean what homemaker wouldn't want one to hang above her wheat grinder to keep out the boll weevils? The stakes in these contests are really much higher when we think about the economic implications.

  3. This is so great! Loving all the neck-and neck- competition.....maybe I'll have all the other mommies I know (and I know a lot) check this out and vote???

  4. PS: Hipstamatic is really trendy...don't we all want trendy friends? shouldn't we all vote for super trendy people who have similarly trendy children

  5. WOW!! The competition is much closer than I expected! SO glad to see other creative mommys....but it really is a shame that some children don't have the undivided attention of their mommys. :(

  6. I agree...some kids have mommies who coddle them and totes just overly adore them....obv we mommies all like to challenge our kids reminding them that at any point our work will outshine theirs.

  7. I was wondering if you've ever thought about doing a wood block craft. You know the kind with one word on them? Words like "faith", "hope" or "despair". I've been wanting to do one like that but I need help, someone super crafty and talented to show me how.

  8. Ahahahaha, I think my favorite is the Mommy who could never love a Ginger....hahaha