Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fortify's 10th Haiku

Fortify wrote the most amazing haiku the other day in her preschool about me as a mom (and I didn't even help her!). I'm so embarrassed about how flattering it is of me and how much it makes me look like a good parent, but I just HAVE to share it:

Mother gives himself
For the benefit of kids
The Queen of Colors

~It Just Gets More Poetic


  1. I'm dying over here. I know this blog was just a joke but PLEASE, PLEASE keep it going!

  2. Oh Eli! I foresee a book in your future. You are one lucky man. Good job messing with poor Jane. I'm sure one day her name will be featured in the Wikipedia article about you and your book. Her, and the children, of course.

    Ginger Hamilton Caudill aka Clara Chandler

  3. I have never felt so touched in my life by such words.
    Such a proud Momma you must be.

    Your kids are perfect.

  4. Oh My Heck! You absolutely made my day! Thanks!

  5. I just came here from KSL. That's pretty much the best article I have ever seen on their site. I hope you and Jane get married one day. I'll bring you wood blocks with the word "Snuggie" on them. Oh and I'll throw in a shelf too.

  6. What a beautiful Haiku Fortify!! Poor Jane...such a sweet spirit. Poor...poor jane.

  7. If you wrote a book I would buy 1,000,000,000 of them.

  8. My favorite part of your posts are the labels.