Monday, December 26, 2011

Reflective Christmas

As much fun as it is to see Aloe's face light up with every mention of Santa Clause, Christmas trees, and water parks, I have to admit, I'm happy the season is coming to an end. Does that make me a bad mother?  What, with all of the performances my five beautiful children have starred in all month, I've had almost no "me" time. And I get that I don't need "me" time to feel fulfilled if I truly love my children. But I like having it every now and then, anyway.

Last night as I was tucking Casper into bed he asked me something that has been on my mind all day: "Mommy, if you had a friend who spoke to you as you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?" I thought through his question and wondered whether he meant anything deeper by it than what it seemed at face value (now that he's 2 years old, I just don't know anymore). I guess I'll keep thinking about it this week.

Sorry for the disjointed thoughts tonight. My thoughts in print are sort of reflective of my soul right now. Sometimes it's hard to be a single working mom of five gifted, trendy children.

~It Just Gets More Poignant


  1. Sounds like the perfect time to have a bubble bath with the Queen of Colors and just relax! There's something about bubbles that is extremely philosophical. Afterwards, put on your personalized Snuggie and you're set!

  2. You're my favorite person right now.

  3. You can fill the SSB hole in my heart and more. Please keep telling us about how you don't need "'me' time" if you really love your kids.

  4. Seriously, though, have you written a book yet? Linkage?