Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Swear These Really Are My Trendy Kids

Sometimes it's hard to work down at the quarry, bathe the Queen of Colors, attend AA meetings, and raise 5 kids. But I do it. And as you can see, they are all very trendy.  Aloe and Casper did the cutest thing the other day. The cutest thing ever. You wouldn't believe it. Cider and Opaque did not like the lack of attention. Boy did I have my hands full!

~They Just Get Cuter


  1. Looking good in their snuggies those really are the the best gifts, the gifts that keep on giving all year long (well if u live where it is cold all year long)-

  2. Eli, you're an inspiration to mothers everywhere!

  3. When your kids are all grown up you should but them white snuggies with their initials embroidered on. I hear that that kind is a really popular wedding gift!