Sunday, April 22, 2012

BIRD FEEDER WINNER and June Snapple's Shopping

Hi mommies! Well we had a very exciting craft competition vote this week with Daniel barely edging out the other mommies with his Holy Dove Bird Feeder. Be sure to congratulate this hard working mom when you see Daniel!!!

I have been BUSY BUSY BUSY this weekend. June Snapple has been a PAIN IN THE YOU KNOW WHAT. She practically assaulted me in the grocery store the other day. I saw her pushing some old woman around in a wheel chair (probably taking advantage of her!), supposedly "helping" her shop since this lady was too old to help herself. I thought, "how would it be to be June Snapple and have SO MUCH TIME on your hands that you have to wander around and find the vulnerable to be friends with you just so you can have company?"

Meanwhile, her kids were probably at home eating sugar and unsupervised because their dad is off in some country 10,000 miles away fighting some war (probably just to get away from June Snapple). But you know me, I don't judge other moms. I just help.

Anyway, as I was pushing my grocery cart with all of my organic foods and saline solutions for Fortify's cleanse, which will hopefully help her fit into her pageant dress (I wish she would STOP GROWING ALREADY), June Snapple wouldn't move that old bat's wheel chair out of my way. I was THIS CLOSE to suing her for entrapment. Then she said hello and asked me how my day was. SO PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE.

She is going to be in a LOT of pain when NOBODY votes for her in this PTA election. And believe me, NOBODY will vote for her when they hear what I have to say about her in the next couple of weeks!!!!!

~ June Snapple is Probably a Saint


  1. Assisting the elderly has got to be the oldest trick in the book. She's obviously running scared already. And then to have the nerve to speak to you in a tone that appeared to the outside world as as normal and friendly? Heinous. She. Has. Got. To. GO!!!

  2. Wait, Daniel won!?!?!?! OMG MOMMIES! Congratulations winner! You put us other mommies to shame. I can't believe we have this much talent here. Totes presh yall!

  3. Love your blog!! It is very inspiring and funny! I gave you an award, come check out my blog to see it!